The Oregon Challenge

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Last month we spent three days in Eugene at the Oregon Wine Symposium.  There were many seminars and loads of information, but what really hit home for us was this: The focus of the symposium was about reaching you,the wine drinker. Did you know that only 12 percent of you drink 2/3 of the wine produced in this country.

And whether you are a highly involved consumer, a newbie or, as a person who stated at one of the events “I like it simple and I don’t need any questions answered,” there is wine out there you haven’t tried yet that you are going to like.

So how do you find that wine and how does that wine find you? Price is always going to affect you choice, but what matters to you after price?

As a dog, the smell is more important than the taste for me; for Valerie how well it pairs with food is very important. Neither of these things can be achieved through the bottle on the shelf.

We think having some basic knowledge will make you a better shopper and a happier wine drinker. You don’t have to be a wine snob or a wine geek!

Try wines by the glass when dining out, and when visiting the local wineries, or wine festivals, sniff, swirl, swish and SPIT; this way you can taste everything on their list without getting tipsy; and that helps to make you more knowledgeable about what you want to spend your money on and why.

If you like asking questions, like we do, the friendly tasting room staff and the restaurant sommeliers are there to help.

And remember to bring your dogs along, so I have some one to compare tasting notes with.



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