I’ve Started Tweeting Rather Than Barking!

Hello folks! I’m now a tweeter and Valerie is a twitterer.  I’m the Chez and she’s the Vino.

Social media in the human world is almost as significant as my sniffing noses, marking trails, and scent-tracking enemies and friends.  I can bark at friends three miles away but sending out tweets is quieter and gets more direct feedback.  We’ve found other wine dogs, wineries, good prices, unique wines, we tweet with people all over the world, and keep the locals up to date daily, if not hourly.

We’ve been doing such a good job that I have to pet my own head! CHEZVINO is ranked 560,467 on Twitterholic.com, and 1 in Portland Oregon area!

So check us out on twitter at CHEZVINO and at http://twitterholic.com/CHEZVINO/ Our blog is also featured at localwineevents.com, vote to help us move up the list in popularity.

So let’s tweet together!

Our tweeter mascot provided by Social Bird

Our tweeter mascot provided by Social Bird


~ by winedogreview on April 19, 2009.

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