Help Beaucoup de Wine Dogs at Square Deal Wine Company

Friends at Square Deal Wine Company in Portland are offering a wine pack that donates money to the Oregon Humane Society.  They adopted their own 1 year old pup from them, saving her life.  I am a rescued pup too and I want more wonderful owners to find their  furry friends.  Valerie and I are great pals. You too could have your very own wine dog!

Their “Tour de France” six-pack benefits needy animals at the Oregon Humane Society. The total retail price for these six bottles is $109. Your price is just $99. With each purchase, Square Deal will donate $20 directly to the Oregon Humane Society.  The wines and their inspirational pooches are listed below, click here to be directed to Square Deal’s order form.

Benny is the mascot for Domaine Borgnat Bourgogne Pinot Noir 2007—a light, pretty, cuddly wine that needs patience and time. It’s young, like Benny, but provides lots of enjoyment to the right family.

Could there be a more aptly named dog when compared to Mas Baux Soleil Rouge 2006? Big Red, the dog, is a Chihuahua mix and actually a little dog, but with a big personality. Big Red, the wine, will keep you warm on a cool fall evening.

Cocoa represents Domaine Cosse Cahors Solis 2004, the eldest wine of the bunch, but a wise, chocolatey bottle. Cocoa comes along with Ramen, listed next.

Ramen is a mini Pinscher just like his older sister Cocoa. They don’t get on well with cats. Ramen is a little more youthful and fresh than Cocoa and makes me think of Domaine Magellan Merlot 2006—soft, pretty and sweet.
How can you think of Pepper Pots and not think of a peppery, juicy Rhone wine like Mas des Roches Cotes-du-Rhone 2007. Pepper Pots is a herder and a nipper. The wine won’t bite back though. Pepper Pots is a cattle dog that needs lots of space.

Winston is just damn cute. So, let’s give him some Bordeaux. Clos des Templiers 2004, a perfectly aged, Merlot-based beauty, is the wine for Winston. He’s wagging his tail with approval right now.

Oregon Humane Society Six-pack


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