Educating your Palate: A Passport to Adventure

I am an ambassador of sorts!  I wanted to blog about wine because I wanted to encourage people to use their taste-buds to their best advantage.  Also an informed consumer is a happy one, I know.  We have finally found my favorite dog biscuits, ones I’ll eat even if I know someone is bringing me left-over chicken strips. Value and pleasure!

You know I go to Wine Dog U (see sidebar), and Valerie continues to learn – so I do too. Since getting her advanced WSET credentials in Canada she has been taking a passport series through a Portland wine education place, The Wine and Spirit Archive, where the owners, Mimi Martin and Adam Rynard, and their students have made us feel right at home.

They teach the WSET classes up to the Advanced Level.  We want to go further in WSET, but until then we travel the world through monthly wine classes at WSA. Mimi and Adam have invited 12 favorite Portland-based wine professionals to join them for this Passport Series and asked each to select the wine region they are most passionate about. Their interests spanned the globe from the dry-farmed vineyards of the Barossa Zone to the steep, schistous rock faces of the Douro Valley and included little-known regions such as British Columbia, Canada ( Ah, the Okanagan, see our slide show in the posts); Savoie, France; and Lombardy, Italy.

Here are some of the wines from the Rioja class last year:

What we like about this monthly series is that whether you are new to wine or have been studying it for years, you will be learning while having fun…and no tests or blind tastings!  You can purchase one class or up to the whole 12.  We did the whole 12 last year and even though WSET had covered these areas, the detail in the Passport Series to a region or sub region just broadens our interest and knowledge. So get your passport and join us on the world tour of wine, the guides and wines are fantastic!  The 2010 schedule is below:

January – The Douro May – Chinon September – New York State
February – Priorat June – Jura/Savoie October – The Rhone Valley
March – Kamptal/Kremstal July – Franken November – Barossa Zone
April – Lombardy/Umbria August – British Columbia December – Ribera del Duero

Frequent Flyer – Platinum Member $480 for all 12 sessions, a 20% discount

Frequent Flyer – Gold Member $255 for 6 sessions of your choice, a 15% discount

Frequent Flyer – Silver Member $135 for 3 sessions of your choice, a 10% discount

Daytripper $50 per session


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