JRDN, A Modern Oasis In PB

PB equals Pacific Beach, CA, a beach community just north of San Diego’s Sea World.  We have pals in San Diego, so we like to play in the surf and eat at ocean side restaurants.

Tower 23 is a fairly new spot on the beach walk; sleek, modern and spirited are words that come to mind when we had dinner at this hotel last night. JRDN is a twitter ready name for a restaurant that is hard to sum up in 140 characters.

So Raw,Way Cool, Getting Warm, Pure Sizzle, Burning Up are menu chapters.

Valerie took the waitress’s advice and ordered a Way Cool beet salad to start and the Pure Sizzle Arctic Char, a fish Valerie is very fond of. The salad was large and filled with sweetened nuggets of yellow and red beets, dark leafy greens, goat cheese and pickled cauliflower. A Spanish Granache was a perfect pairing.

The Arctic Char, pale salmon in color was perfectly cooked, which means not over cooked, and tasted clean, fresh and sweet.  It was served on a bed on green lentils, flavored with raisins, country ham, small shreds of onion and sauteed brussel sprouts, amazing!  Valerie had a french chardonnay with it but she thought  it was a bit too mild for the lentils, a Pinot Noir would have worked better, I think.

Ah the leftovers!!!

The menu is focused on meat that you have options of playing with, and Chef, David Warner gets his all-natural meats from Meyer Ranch.  This is also true of the build your own salad.  The raw bar menu is also extensive and inventive.

This is a high end place and is a bit noisy because of the very active bar scene spilling into the dining room, but the service is impeccable and we had a table that looked out onto the darkened patio and that reflected the changing wall sculpture and made people watching easy!

It’s a paws up from me!


~ by winedogreview on January 17, 2010.

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