Oregon Wine Symposium Feb.23-25, 2009

In these difficult times straying far from home can be expensive.  Stay-cations are a new trend in travel.  Valerie and I live a stone’s throw from some amazing wineries, wineshops and vineyards.  She can taste wine within 10 minutes of the house east, west and south – so we indulge in stay-cations almost daily!

But to really get away for a few days, she and I will be heading 90 miles south, to Eugene, OR, to revel in the academics of the wine industry.  Education, minor travel, a new terroir; and we’re happy Motel 6’ers (they’re dog friendly).

The Oregon Wine Industry Symposium is the largest gathering of winery and vineyard professionals in the state. 

The symposium is for people in the wine industry, or for those wanting to get into the industry.  If you live near Eugene, this might be a good time to explore the region’s economic concerns and how they plan to balance tough times and quality.  Even the avid wine drinker would find these viticulture, enology and management seminars informative.  Knowing how the wine gets to your glass is an exciting voyage.

Each of the nine seminar will provide us with a new article, so if you can’t get there, we will be your ears, eyes, sniffers, tasters and quaffers.

The symposium is also hosting a trade show with over 90 exhibitors specific to winemakers and wine growers.

On February 24, the best of Oregon wine will be celebrated at an awards dinner. The achievements of of these industry members will be rewarded while enjoying a multi-course feast of fantastic food paired with Oregon’s best wines.

This year’s guest chef is Jack Yoss of Portland’s Ten-01, who was recently featured in the November issue of Gourmet.  Prior to joining Ten-01, Yoss was the executive chef at the W Hotel in Los Angeles, Calif., where he was responsible for all food and beverage operations for the 258-room hotel. Ten-01 was awarded the 2008 Restaurant of the year by Portland Food and Drink.

Like most wine events the world over,  education is always paired well with great wine and food.  The Oregon Wine Symposium is no different!

We hope to rub noses with you there.  But if you can’t make it, check back with us and pick up some Oregon wine education.


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