A Northwest Wine Habit

Northwest Food and Wine Festival  2008

Around the second weekend of November, almost all of the Oregon wineries come together to pour wine for 2000 eager fans.  The Northwest Food and Wine Festival is one of the areas signature events for and 2008 was no exception.

The Willamette Valley is well represented this year, with a good emphasis on the Gorge favorites like The Pines and Waving Tree.  The food was an amazing array of north west goodies.

It is daunting to spend one evening visiting hundreds of wineries pouring many wines, but as a seasoned spitter I took my own spit cup, luckily because there were not a lot of dump buckets around. I started with whites and moved around the room chatting with the winemakers.  It helps to get there early as it it easier to chat to the wineries and be able to hear well.  Because there are so many wineries being organized it a plus, many of the wineries had cards for each wine and that made it easier to keep track of what I liked.

The food tables were interspersed with the wineries so munchies were always satisfied.  I particularly liked the oyster bar. This is an event well worth going to, and if you want more time the festival offers an early admissions for an extra admission fee.  And remember once inside there are no more tasting fees or tickets to buy..and you get to sip out of a commemorative glass.


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